We are delighted to be working with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to help them modernise how they approach their content and are proud to have been involved with the delivery of their latest digital product, Viewpoint. Journalist Charlotte Ricca has written this brilliant article which includes insights from Chief Digital Officer Sharon Cooper on what Viewpoint is all about, what is driving change at EIU and what the business hopes to do for their customers with digital products.  

67 Bricks started working with EIU to build a proof of concept that delivered rapid improvements to the existing search and discovery. Following this, we worked in co-development with the EIU team to deliver the new flagship product.

Head of client services David Leeming said: “It was a bold move to launch a new product during the pandemic, but we created a shared sense of trust with the EIU team, took a user-led approach and kept the end goal in mind. This is an exciting journey and we look forward to future projects.”