Wholesale changes have hit the content industries and a move towards being digital, data-driven and user centric has also been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Is 2021 a chance to slow things down a bit? Certainly not, says 67 Bricks’ MD Sam Herbert.  “Publishing leaders need to show a new level of personal commitment and fearless experimentation to embracing digital, and a comprehensive roadmap that leads them steadily to true transformation is key.” 

Sam will be presenting the 67 Bricks roadmap at STM Week on 2 December, Digital Publishing Day.  He will feature alongside industry experts including representatives from Morressier, American Chemical Society and HighWire. This group is seeking to establish which are the most important recent innovations in publishing operations and how leaders can capitalise on them. 

Sam will examine the key strategies, skillsets and mindsets used by publishing leaders to succeed at true digital transformation. He will then introduce a clear route forward from where publishers are now – traditional producers of content – to a future where they have the flexibility to deliver valuable, tailored user-led products and services. Sam will then talk attendees through the key stages of evolution, including: 

  1. Digitise – tools and techniques for improving automation and efficiency
  2. Improve – how to enhance and extend your current business models 
  3. Evolve – introducing new models for innovation and product development and sharing new approaches that help publishers implement in new, short, experimental ‘waves’ 
  4. Reshape – suggested approaches for making a personal commitment to digital publishing and changing culture

This event is not to be missed.  Book your place today.