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Our priority is getting you the right outcome. That’s why we make sure you’re asking the right questions from the start, and tie everything we do to your business goals. Our clients have increased repeatable revenues, reduced inefficient overheads and workflows, and opened up new revenue streams and markets with best-in-class digital products.

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As a trusted partner to many information companies, we have created flagship information products, award-winning platforms, AI-powered solutions and supercharged digital user experiences – all thanks to the combined expertise of our experienced industry consultants and talented software developers.

Economist Intelligence Unit
Pharmaceutical Press
Global Water Intelligence
Bone & Joint
SAGE Publishing
Institute of Physics Publishing
Oxford University Press
Royal Society of Chemistry
Taylor & Francis
De Gruyter
AIP Publishing

Award-winning product development and implementation

Successful projects include custom platforms and products, data-driven content systems, AI deployment and tools for optimised search and discovery

Economist Intelligence Unit

“Viewpoint is a step change from the product suite that Economist Intelligence: EIU had before. A SaaS access point to our industry-leading global macroeconomic forecasts and geopolitical insights that power financial, corporate and policy decision making. Great collaboration with 67 Bricks to deliver this!”

Leon Saunders Calvert

President and Managing Director, Economist Intelligence Unit

Bone & Joint

“We knew 67 Bricks had the capability and the vision to match our own ambitions.”

Emma Vodden

Director of Publishing, Bone & Joint


“This has been a successful, incredibly complex project delivered in a short period of time. It has given us the foundations to support our product development strategy, innovation and partnerships that were impossible before.”

Louise Crowe

Director of BMJ Knowledge, The BMJ


Information products for the data-driven world

We partner with companies to deliver compelling, data-driven user experiences