Features and benefits

Simple, automated upload process

Revo minimises the effort required to upload documents for review, and integrates with existing systems.

Automatic comment collation

Comments are automatically collected, transformed into an appropriate template such as the ISO commenting template, and mailed to the appropriate committee administrator.

Open or closed reviews

Invite members of the public to review a draft, or control access based on email addresses and domains.


Customize the site to appear in any language.

Upload documents manually or automatically

Revo allows standards documents to be uploaded for review, either manually or via an automated process that integrates with existing systems.

Registered users of the system can then view and comment on the documents online via a simple web-based interface. Comments automatically reference the section of the document on which they were made.

Make comments public or private

Existing comments on a section can be made visible to other commenters in anonymized form, to encourage commenters to build on comments that have already been made rather than duplicating them, and thus improve the quality of comments and reduce the workload of processing them.

However, comments can be screened (manually or automatically) before being made visible to the public.

Help users to provide good feedback

Users may submit comments immediately or save them to be edited and submitted later. Users can see the history of comments that they have made, and download their comments.

Email addresses of users are captured to allow them to be contacted later, for clarification and further discussion of their comments, and so they can be informed when a document is finalized and ready for purchase.

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