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We have helped them power new digital products, increase the value of their data, strengthen user engagement and deliver new sources of revenue

Taylor & Francis
Economist Intelligence Unit
Oxford University Press
Institute of Physics Publishing
BioMed Central (ISRCTN)
Pharmaceutical Press
Royal Society of Chemistry
Standards Australia
Chemical Watch
Canadian Tax Foundation
Dorling Kindersley
BioMed Central (ISRCTN)

“We wanted to build a platform that makes researchers’ and readers’ lives easier, whether they are a student, in academia, in policy, practice or the wider public – and we’ve done just that. Feedback from users has been very positive.”

Harriet Bell

Marketing Director, Emerald


“67 Bricks have enabled us to quickly go to market with an industry leading product. They have been a key partner in helping us achieve our successes. I would highly recommend anyone looking to develop an enriched content digital product to work with 67 Bricks.”

PJ Di Giammarino


SAGE Publishing

“67 Bricks had a professional and proactive approach from the start. They made no prior assumptions about the project and made sure that we worked from a blank sheet too. As developers, they were brilliant – such a luxury – no nonsense delivery, even with very little instruction. 67 Bricks came up with an elegant solution and user experience with very little direction and refinement needed!”

Alan Maloney

Senior Information Architect, SAGE Publishing

Pharmaceutical Press

“The business has been really impressed with how 67 Bricks quickly got to grips with our requirements and understood the complexity of our data. Their ‘critical friend’ approach has seen us receive a tool far better than the one we would have created alone and allowed us to deliver multiple products against a stringent timeline”.

Karen Baxter

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical Press


“We were keen to build a platform that offered friction-free access to the vast wealth of legal information that we now provide, so that for all types of user ICLR would truly become their first port of call for case law research. 67 Bricks quickly and successfully turned that ideal into reality, and the response from users has been fantastic.”

Paul Magrath

Head of Product Development, ICLR


“Using 67 Bricks is like having an internal developer without any of the headaches. We get exposure to all the other techniques that they know about. We really appreciate the ability to call on other expert resources within the company when needed – which means we are confident we always get a good solution to new challenges should they arise.”

Alex Dixon

Senior IT Support Analyst, JWG

Canadian Tax Foundation

“I want to thank you for all your innovative ideas, collaboration, patience, responsiveness and hard work over the last nine months, successfully taking us from initial brainstorming through design, build and a (blessedly uneventful) launch.  We felt from the beginning that the team at 67 Bricks listened to us and truly understood our organization and the importance of this project to us and our membership. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

The new platform is a great testament to your approach and skills, and something that we are proud to share with our members.”

Heather Evans

Executive Director and CEO, Canadian Tax Foundation


“67 Bricks are an excellent partner for us. They are good at forcing us to decide what the desired outcome of the solution is, or at least find that out from our clients. They often suggest alternative ways of doing things that are simpler or fit better with what we’ve already built. They helped us navigate our way through the work on semantics – using RDF triple stores was something we had not done before.”

Elliot Burgess

Head of Product and Client Services, JWG


“It was absolutely fantastic to work with you, and with your team. I think you’re a super-talented bunch of people with the absolute perfect mix of business acumen and technical excellence, and in my several years now working in the semantic enrichment field, I’ve never met a more capable organisation.”

Ben Miller

Senior Product Owner, Wiley


“Wiley’s aim was to make content enrichment a business-as-usual process so that all content is enriched as part of the normal production workflows. 67 Bricks have enabled Wiley to make this a reality. 67 Bricks provided software development expertise, industry knowledge and specific content enrichment experience, all to a very high standard.”

Jason Markos

Director of Knowledge Management and Strategy, Wiley

Royal Society of Chemistry

“This ambitious agile project showcased the value of cross departmental, cross company collaboration. A deep understanding of researcher engagement with our systems, tools and processes was sought by 67 Bricks to deliver value. 67 Bricks confidently managed rapidly changing requirements while releasing to real users as often as four times per week. This gave us a real edge against our competitors striving to build similar functionality. The project automated our read and publish workflow slashing the time staff and authors spent engaging with it.”

Frank Gibson

Director of Technology, Royal Society of Chemistry


“For us, being able to work together with 67 Bricks in creating the new system, was essential. As an engineering team, being able to support and enhance our key products ourselves is a very important part of the value we bring to BMJ. The 67 Bricks team worked with BMJ as one integrated team with shared deliverables, responsibilities, design and decision making. We could not have delivered our project without them.”

Rex Cooper

Chief Technology Officer, The BMJ


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