Working in partnership

Our team of experts work in partnership with you to create flagship information products, automated workflow systems, supercharged digital user experiences, and much more. The services we offer include:


Readers from the smartphone generation increasingly demand slick, efficient and personalised user experiences.  We help publishers deliver flagship information products and data-driven content delivery platforms to meet changing user needs.

We use modern, best in breed technology components that offer a flexible and scalable alternative to ‘off the shelf’ vendor platforms, allowing you to retain control and support the evolving needs of your organisation. We implement and integrate these components to deliver highly customised bespoke products and platforms.



At the heart of compelling user experiences lies content and data, and we build solutions to help businesses create, enrich, store, manage and deliver these in a way that maximises your capabilities.

We have specific expertise in content and data enrichment, applying modern content processing techniques like machine learning, AI and natural language processing to add structure, context and metadata to your content, to make it more useful to humans and computers. These technologies can power some significant efficiencies in content creation and change your content from being a traditional static asset, e.g. a book or article, to something more agile and dynamic, and therefore more valuable.


We partner with a number of publishers on R&D engagements to generate and test new ideas and inform ongoing product strategies. We help with the initial stages of information gathering, run workshops to develop ideas and perform content and data analysis. We build rapid prototypes and beta systems that allow ideas and features to be tested with users ‘on the go’ to shape your product or platform roadmap.

Our R&D engagements evolve iteratively through ongoing input from your users and internal stakeholders. Our team of experts will work collaboratively with you and bring a 360° view of the information industry, product development expertise, experience running successful R&D projects and knowledge of the latest content technologies including natural language processing, AI and machine learning.

Institute of Physics Publishing
Pharmaceutical Press
Oxford University Press
Royal Society of Chemistry

Increasing the value of data, strengthening user engagement, delivering new sources of revenue

Our clients include scholarly publishers and information providers in standards, regulations and compliance

Pharmaceutical Press

“The business has been really impressed with how 67 Bricks quickly got to grips with our requirements and understood the complexity of our data. Their ‘critical friend’ approach has seen us receive a tool far better than the one we would have created alone and allowed us to deliver multiple products against a stringent timeline.”

Karen Baxter

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical Press


“We were keen to build a platform that offered friction-free access to the vast wealth of legal information that we now provide, so that for all types of user ICLR would truly become their first port of call for case law research. 67 Bricks quickly and successfully turned that ideal into reality, and the response from users has been fantastic.”

Paul Magrath

Head of Product Development, ICLR

SAGE Publishing

“67 Bricks had a professional and proactive approach from the start. They made no prior assumptions about our requirements and made sure that we worked from a blank sheet too. As developers, they were brilliant – such a luxury – no nonsense delivery, even with very little instruction. 67 Bricks came up with an elegant solution and user experience with very little direction and refinement needed!”

Alan Maloney

Senior Information Architect, SAGE Publishing


Information products for the data-driven world

We help publishers become data-driven product companies that deliver compelling user experiences