Next month sees the first in-person ALPSP conference since 2019, making what is already a landmark event in the publishing calendar even more special.

We’re delighted to be attending, and have a number of reasons to be excited for the week.

  1. We’ll be talking about our amazing new tool developed with ICLR, Case Genie, as one of the ALPSP Award for Innovation finalists. Having our work recognised in this way is always rewarding, and we can’t wait to share more with the attendees, as well as hear from the other finalists, at the session on Wednesday afternoon.
  2. Thursday evening we’ll be donning our luckiest outfits and heading to the awards ceremony itself – wish us luck!
  3. Our MD Jennifer will be part of an interesting discussion on ‘What the Future Holds’ on the Friday morning. She’ll be sharing her vision for the next fifty years in scholarly publishing alongside other industry experts. Expect to be challenged and inspired!

There’s also plenty of other great sessions we’re looking forward to. Top of our list are:

  • Peter Cunliffe-Jones’ keynote on The Role of Academic Publishing in an Age of Misinformation
  • Session 5a – Incorporating Inclusive Language into Publications and Communications
  • Session 7a – Connecting the dots: Integrating Research Outputs Beyond the PDF
  • Session 7b – Neurodivergence and Ableism in the Workplace
  • Session 11 – Strengthening the Ecosystem: Interacting with the Scholarly Publishing World Around Us

If you’re planning to head to Manchester next month, let us know – we’d love to talk. Drop a message in advance, or simply grab either Emma or Jennifer over the coffee breaks during the meeting.