ICLR are enhancing their case law research platform Law Reports with natural language summaries, powered by Canadian law tech developer Jurisage. The new functionality has been seamlessly integrated into ICLR.4 by 67 Bricks, ICLR’S long-standing technology partner. 

Utilising a highly customized Large Language Model (LLM), the summaries respond to sophisticated prompts. These brief overviews will be indispensable for ICLR.4 subscribers as they sift through results from either a conventional case search or the similar cases suggested by the AI-driven Case Genie tool

Each summary, approximately 100 words, encapsulates essential case elements: the foundational premise of the case, the key entities involved, and the subsequent decision. Complemented by an index of key legal issues pertinent to each case, these summaries provide critical insights that will accelerate the process of legal research by aiding users to assess the relevance of a case report at a glance. 

“The law does not stand still, and neither does the technology by which we learn and apply it.” said Paul Magrath, Head of Product Development, ICLR. “As the leading supplier of Law Reports for England and Wales, ICLR is delighted to partner with Canadian law tech developer Jurisage in creating a really useful addition to our case law research platform. The project has been implemented with customary panache by our longstanding partners 67 Bricks, as part of the continuing development of the ICLR.4 platform, which they host. These AI case summaries, together with our AI-driven search tool Case Genie, will enable subscribers quickly and easily to identify the relevant judgments that are critical to their research”. 

This pioneering partnership between ICLR and Jurisage, integrated by 67 Bricks, signifies a cutting-edge juncture where advanced AI technology strengthens traditional legal procedures, amplifying the accessibility of high-quality legal resources for the community.

Jurisage Group CEO Aaron Wenner says,“We’re delighted to be chosen by ICLR for our AI technology expertise in legal research and case law. It’s gratifying to see ICLR’s highly regarded law reporting services enhanced with faster access to usable summaries in the formats that legal practitioners demand.”