In this rapidly changing landscape, publishers and societies are rethinking approaches to platform development to better suit evolving business, community, and organization-specific needs. With this in mind ALPSP has launched a series of webinars in May that highlight non-traditional initiatives and the collaborations that made them possible, and we are delighted to be involved.

67 Bricks and Emerald will be telling the story of how we partnered to build Emerald’s new, modern digital content platform, Emerald Insight, which launched in 2019.

Louise Russell of Tutton Russell Consulting will conduct a question and answer session with Emerald Publishing’s Marketing Director Harriet Bell and 67 Bricks’s David Leeming – and there will be plenty of time questions as the duo share their story.

Harriet Bell said: “In 2017, Emerald was faced with a choice. Stay on the existing 3rd party content platform we used for our core business, which we were finding expensive and difficult to innovate. Or look elsewhere. This is the journey of how we began to understand what the platform of the future would look like for our current and future customers. Emerald needed to think very differently to do this, and we needed to partner with a technology company who shared our vision. This is our story.” 

67 Bricks and Emerald’s webinar will take place on Wednesday 6 May.  Read the blog post and visit ALPSP to book your place.