BSI British Standards is the UK’s National Standards Body. It represents UK economic and social interests through the development of business information solutions for British organizations.

Business challenge

BSI British Standards facilitates the production of British, European and international standards. When standards reach the ‘draft for public comment’ stage they are made available to the public for review. Previously members of the public would need to obtain a copy of the standard, make comments on an accompanying form and send them to BSI by email or post. These comments would then be collated manually; a time consuming process that did not make public contribution easy. The challenge was to increase public engagement in the draft review process, increase awareness of the availability of the drafts and improve handling efficiencies.

67 Bricks solution

67 Bricks delivered a successful Draft Review System by following its proven process for project delivery. Time was spent with business and technical stakeholders to understand the business objectives and the technical constraints. A solution was proposed and agreed. The solution was then built with regular stakeholder engagement to ensure it delivered the required business benefits. During deployment, operational know-how and documentation was transferred.

The Draft Review System enables BSI non-technical staff to upload draft standards document through an automated routine, using the existing document creation format(s). Members of the public can review proposed standards online and add comments in a simple and structured way to be fed into the review process. BSI staff can then download all comments for a draft standard into the same format document as previously used but saving significant time and labour of comment assembly.

Business value

The system has significantly changed BSI’s review process. Engagement with the public has increased substantially and the project achieved all of its success criteria within the first 6 months of operation.

Since May 2008 the system has supported the registration of 8,000 users who have made 5,000 comments on over a hundred new draft standards.

Due to the success of this project 67 Bricks have been engaged to deliver further publishing products for BSI.

You can access the BSI Draft Review System at


“As a result of the new system built by 67 Bricks, we have seen the number of comments on draft standards increase substantially. We aim to involve as wide and relevant audience as possible in the consultation process, so we are really pleased with the way the tool has been received. The project was very well managed from start to finish, delivered in line with the specification and has been an excellent and enjoyable project for our editorial teams. The engagement with new entrants to our comment process has been a greater success than we could have hoped for. We look forward to working with 67 Bricks in the future.”

Shirley Bailey-Wood

Operations Director, BSI


“67 Bricks‘ responsiveness to issues, problem solving capabilities, and professional approach made them very easy to work with. The project has been a big success, causing no disruption to regular business, and was delivered in just a few months.

Eamonn Neylon

Data Architect, BSI


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