Our MD Jennifer Schivas led an interesting roundtable discussion for Renewd Europe with the topic ‘The Future is already here: How AI is already being used by publishers to create more value for customers & more efficient business models for content creation and product development’.

Jennifer Schivas
67 Bricks MD Jennifer Schivas

The talk centred on practical examples to illustrate the following:

  • What are our customers’ expectations regarding AI?
  • How can we connect the technology with customer needs?
  • Chat bots: how will Bard and ChatGBT affect information markets?
  • How do we ensure enough space for experimentation in software development?
  • What skills are required to deliver AI technologies in publishing firms?
  • What is possible to deliver on a 12-24 month timescale?

We’re unable to publicly share any more details from this exclusive event, but if you contact us at contact@67bricks.com we can organise a call to talk you through the answers to the questions above and how they could relate to your own business.