First things first – how long have you been a 67 Bricker?
I’ve been at 67 Bricks for just over 2 years. I was a lockdown starter, so I didn’t meet anyone face to face until about 4 months after I’d joined!

What was your path here – what were you doing before, and why did you apply to join us?
I trained many years ago as a Graphic Designer and have been working in publishing ever since, in a variety of roles. My career took me down the publishing production path, publishing books, magazines, journals in print and then into digital, multimedia and online content. My last job before joining 67 Bricks was with Elsevier. I’ve gained a lot of publishing knowledge over the years and I believed that this breadth of knowledge would be a good fit for a publishing consultant role. I was also really interested in moving away from a large, global company, and believe I have a lot of adaptable skills for working in a smaller company.

What are some of your favourite things you’ve worked on?
I really enjoy learning more about the clients that we work with and some of the work I’ve enjoyed most has involved interviewing clients about their strategy, business models, and ways of working, gathering and collating views and perspectives from across the clients’ businesses, and then feeding back to them on improvements or suggestions towards future-proofing their businesses.

How has the company changed since you first got here
67 Bricks has grown since I started and the structure of the company has changed. All for the better! I believe that as we grow, the company will need to adapt to the necessary changes. As a smaller company I think it was easier for everyone to know what was going on, but as we grow the need for clear communication and collaboration across the company will increase. 

Most of the team work remotely now – how have you found that switch and do you have any tips for new colleagues to stay feeling connected/motivated from home?
I love working from home, and my role with 67 Bricks was always going to be a remote role. However, I used to go into the office daily in my previous role. I find working from home really good for work/life balance. I do think it’s really important to draw a line between work life and home life. I have an office at home, so it’s fairly easy for me to shut the office door at the end of the day.

What do you think is the most important skill or attribute needed for working at 67 Bricks?
I think the skills/attributes are different depending on the role that you perform and the client that you are working with. For me, it’s all about listening to the client and being able to advise or guide them towards the correct outcomes. Communication is key, being able to articulate back to the client in a way that works for their business.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for a job with us?
I would say that you should always consider the size of the company that you are applying to. There are some very different dynamics in smaller companies to larger ones, and 67 Bricks is a great company to work for, if a smaller company works for you.

Crystal ball moment – what do you think we’ll be working on in 15 years’ time? 
Wow – 15 years is a long way off, I’ve no idea! For the next few years it’ll be about supporting our clients to transform their businesses to be more digital. Encouraging our clients to put their users at the centre of their business, and ensure that users are at the heart of everything they do. Younger generations of users are starting to come through, the millennials and generation Z, and this is forcing businesses to change the ways they work to engage with these digital natives. Supporting our clients to be agile, so that they can test new business ideas and pivot quickly if they discover that they need a change of direction, will be the key to being successful over the coming years.