Our second article in this year’s Thought Leadership series with InPublishing is now online, and it’s a big one! Jennifer Schivas and Will Bailey take on the topic of ‘blended content’ and how publishers can create new revenue streams, monetise existing assets and add greater value to their products by integrating data with expert analysis and commentary.

As the article states ‘Selling access to data as a separate subscription or product to more traditional expert content such as articles, reports and news is a common business model for publishers, but that model is looking increasingly dated.

To succeed in today’s data- and AI-driven world, publishers need to adopt a blended approach in order to power the enhanced products and services users are fast coming to expect.

Modern users expect insights at their fingertips and to be served answers based on the knowledge contained in multiple places – not to navigate to different places to trawl through disparate datasets and articles; they expect to be able to interrogate results instantly and conversationally; for what they interact with to be personalised, highly relevant and curatable.

Modern publishers must create new products that blend their existing content and data and have the flexibility to pull in new content types and sources, to better serve this change in behaviour.’

Read on to find out Will and Jennifer’s top tips for getting started, as well as their explanation for how GenAI fits into this picture both as a competitive advantage and potential threat.

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