Our third article in this year’s Thought Leadership series with InPublishing is now online, and it tackles a big topic – Generating ROI from AI.

In the piece, CEO Jennifer Schivas offers three top tips for ensuring you aren’t just throwing money recklessly at AI, but instead focusing your resources for maximum value return.

  1. Look beyond AI as a task on the CTO’s to-do list. Embrace it as a paradigm shift in the way you produce and distribute content and the services you provide your community. It’s not just a chatbot on your website.
  2. Be very clear about the outcomes you want to achieve. While experimentation can be helpful, to ensure you are generating maximum ROI, you need to align your developments with the needs of your business and ensure they are delivering your commercial strategy.
  3. Trial different large language models to ensure maximum ROI based on what you need them to do. The marketplace is rapidly changing and is full of different options, with varying capabilities and weaknesses. You may be able to utilise an open-weight model and then train it on a highly specific dataset to give you the level of outcome you need – avoid overengineering a solution if it won’t release any additional value or revenue. This will also prevent you from being paralysed by the fear that the technology you choose may become obsolete quickly – if you’re learning lessons and constantly iterating, you’ll be in the strongest position as the technology matures.

Read the full article here: InPublishing: Generating ROI from AI

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