A new paper looking at the sea changes and opportunities in the academic publishing industry, authored by 67 Bricks’ co-founder Sam Herbert, has been published.

The article, ‘The road to data maturity – Why publishing has to stay relevant in the digital age and why it needs to start now’ features in the Information Services and Use journal, published by IOS Press.  A successful presentation at the NFAIS conference in Washington last year to the information services and digital science community formed the basis of the story.

Sam said: “The world is rapidly changing driven by the rise of data, artificial intelligence (AI) and users’ need for digital experiences. This paper explores the drivers for change in academic publishing and the opportunities to progress. Data is at the heart of everything.  Publishers need to harness new technologies to help them evolve from being traditional content providers to data-driven product companies. Increasing their data maturity will fuel innovation and power the transformed products and services that customers demand going forward.”

As part of this paper Sam introduces the ‘product development data maturity model’ for scholarly publishers, which helps product managers plot a course from where they are now to where they need to be to survive.  Read the full paper here.