One of the reasons we’ve been able to grow so sustainably as a business over the last fifteen years is that many of our clients have chosen to come back to us again and again. Increasingly we see two trends; multiple iterative developments in concrete engagements and long-term partnerships.

Multiple developments

Many of our customers work with us to achieve set development goals for a finite period of time, but then return when they’re ready to ‘do the next thing’. For the Irish Tax Institute, this way of working allows them to release new functionality on their schedule, taking the time in between to check in with customers to see what they need to do next. They’ve been working with us for many years, and in that time we have released a number of features onto their platform, which we originally built in 2015.

‘67B helped us release the first phase of the project to our end users with great results, so we were excited to continue the relationship to begin phase 2 enhancements.’ – Returning client

Similarly, ICLR has continued to work with us since originally building their platform several years ago. As Paul Magrath, Head of Product Development and Online Content, notes ‘Once the platform had been built, and worked exactly as envisaged, we naturally wanted to expand the features and content. Given that it was being hosted and maintained by 67 Bricks anyway, it was logical to continue engaging them to extend its capacity and features. When asked what he would say to anyone thinking of working with 67 Bricks in the future, he said ‘Go for it. But, to ensure best results, be prepared to spend time engaging in a collaborative, feedback-driven, agile development process.’Client quote

Strategic partnerships

Increasingly, we’re seeing our engagements move from finite, product-led outcomes to longer-term transformation partnerships where we work on a series of developments as part of a larger strategic picture. Our current work with De Gruyter is an excellent example, where we are engaged in a much deeper way with the company and have a real impact at a strategic level. Our initial work with De Gruyter was to build a brand new content platform, which was successfully delivered in 2020 and has since garnered much praise and even won the Open Athens UX in Publishing Award. But our work with De Gruyter hasn’t ended there. As discussed in our recent ConTechLive session, we are now working with De Gruyter to embed a data-led mindset in the culture of the company.

Is a partnership with 67 Bricks right for your company?

Navigating the future in these uncertain times can be challenging, and so ensuring you have the right team in your corner is essential. Technology is no longer restricted to just the IT department, it is a fundamental part of how any company functions and grows. 67 Bricks blend of business acumen and technological expertise offers companies a powerful combination of strategic insight with the knowledge of how technology can be used, built, and stitched together to achieve business goals. If you’re ready to start taking control of your company’s future, get in touch to see how we can support you.Client quote