What does finding your focus, saying ‘no’ and nurturing your people and culture have in common?  They are all key areas of concern for growing businesses and were highlighted by our head of strategy, Jennifer Schivas, in a recent presentation to the Scale Up Network led by Oxford Brookes Business School.

The Scale Up Network has been created by the Business School to help meet the growth challenges faced by local businesses, specifically by enhancing and developing the leadership and management capacity of the organisations.

Jennifer was invited to present to this year’s select group of Oxford business leaders by Chair, Nic Rattle. 

Giles Orr, Head of Business and External Engagement at Oxford Brookes Business School said: “Many small and medium-sized organisations face issues around growth.  Our Scale Up programme enables local leaders of growing organisations to jointly explore common issues around management and leadership, co-create solutions and test them out.”

Jennifer Schivas said:  “Being part of the Brookes Scale Up programme has been hugely impactful, both from a personal standpoint and in terms of what it has enabled our business to do. It has provided a safe space to discuss the challenges and opportunities of growing openly, a trusted group of people to share the highs and lows with, and access to a variety of different expertise. Overall, it has been a terrific experience and we were delighted to share the 67 Bricks story with other leaders at this event.”

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