How will users of the future be different – and what do you need to do now to prepare for them?

Watch our latest webinar which will take you through the stages of data maturity required to meet the challenges of the future, as well as offering actionable examples of how to move your organisation forward – regardless of how advanced your technology currently is.

This webinar covers:-

PART I – Trend forecasting into the users of the future, including the developing impacts of Generative AI and its role in changing user expectations around how they interact with content and data:

  • What are the big trends in user behaviour?
  • What are the big trends in content creation?
  • What are the big trends in events?

PART II –  Practical advice on assessing your own organisation’s readiness for the users of the future:

  • What do you need to be ready to meet these trends?
  • Where are you on the journey of data maturity?
  • Actionable examples of what you can do at each stage to move forward.

Join our CEO, Jennifer Schivas and Head of Partnerships, Will Bailey, to explore what future market demands are likely to be, and how media, events and information companies need to adapt to meet them.

Watch today: Preparing for the Users of the Future – Renewd