As more and more case law is published and moved online, the key question for barristers, law students and solicitors is two-fold: firstly, how do I find the cases I need? But also, how do I find the cases I need that I don’t know about?  67 Bricks client and ICLR Head of product development and online content Paul Magrath has written this excellent article which examines how artificial intelligence might help the legal sector dig deeper and wider into case law, and find the ‘unknown unknowns’ that could change the landscape.  

Paul also explains how building in new AI functionality is part of a refresh taking place to ICLR’s flagship digital platform; which is used daily by barristers, solicitors, law schools and state institutions to access a wealth of legal information.  

67 Bricks has been working with the team since 2017 to constantly evolve the platform in line with user needs. The latest version, ICLR 4.0, will be officially launched in October.   

Read about 67 Bricks’ partnership with ICLR and the story of the platform’s conception and evolution.