They might be a little late to the party… but 67 Bricks co-founder Sam Herbert promised that the academic publishing sector is starting to arrive at true digital innovation with some style.  Sam, speaking at the recent MarkLogic World 2020 virtual conference, said that scholarly publishing, despite standing accused of rigidly sticking with ‘content first, tech second’ in the smartphone era, is making progress when it comes to digital strategies, and gave real life examples of work with heritage brands like BMJ and ICLR, as well as trailblazers such as Emerald Publishing.

Sam talked about how academic publishers are making the difficult and wholesale change from defining themselves as traditional content providers to data-driven, user-led product companies.  It is a painful mindset shift and requires an examination of people, process and technology that is not going to happen overnight. Trusted partners like 67 Bricks and MarkLogic can help.

Industry analyst David Worlock said of the team: “67 Bricks have huge ambition for change and your personal touch centred on the client is important during these challenging times.  Clients want to keep working with you as trusted partners.”

Watch Sam’s interview to find out more about our role as MarkLogic partners.